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Should you consent to a blood alcohol test during a DUI stop?

Being stopped for a suspected DUI is anything but ideal for any Washington State driver. A driver might be anxious about the stop in general and is worried about the potential consequences the person might face whether or not it is a traffic offence of a drunk driving charge. Furthermore, some drivers do not fully understand their rights during a DUI stop and are unaware of the penalties they might face if they do not comply with an officers request.

When a suspected drunk driver is stopped, officers will often ask the driver to submit to a blood alcohol test. The driver is then faced with the decision whether or not to take these tests. Some drivers are not aware that there is the implied consent when it comes to blood alcohol content testing. This means that when a driver obtains a driver's license they have consented in advance to submitting to a blood, breath or urine test when an officer requests the person to do so.

Using the field sobriety tests to dismiss a DUI charge

When Washington State drivers are pulled over, they often fear receiving a ticket. Although a traffic violation could lead to consequences, facing a drunk driving charge is much more serious. Our firm understands that a suspected drunk driver wants to avoid a DUI charge or reduce the penalties if they are convicted of the offense. In order to establish a defense against the pending charges, a driver should be aware of their rights prior to and during the stop. The details of the traffic stop and arrest could help the suspected drunk driver with their defense against the DUI charge.

When a driver is stopped, it is important that they establish whether they were stopped for a legal reason or reasons. If a driver is a victim of an illegal traffic stop, this information could be used to eliminate the charges filed against them that stemmed from this situation. If the driving behavior observed by the officer does not conduct a lawful stop, the information gathered during the tests conducted at the traffic stop could become inadmissible.

Understanding driver's license suspension in Washington

When a Washington driver is arrested for drunk driving, they often consider how this could affect them, regardless of the results. While it is important to understand the potential penalties they could endure if they are convicted of a DUI, they should also address how their arrest could impact them. Specifically, they should understand how their driving record and ability to drive could be affected by their arrest for a suspected drunk driving.

Following the arrest for DUI in Washington State, the driver could face a driver's license suspension in two scenarios. First, the driver's license is suspended following the arrest regardless of a conviction, if the driver does not request a hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to contest the suspension, and the hearing must be requested within 20 days after their arrest. If the hearing is decided in their favor, then no suspension will commence, pending the results of the DUI case.

Washington State Police pull over DUI suspect in motorhome

When a driver is suspected of a traffic crime, officers will question the driver. In some cases, if authorities believe the driver is under the influence, they might require the driver to perform or submit to various tests. For example, the officer could ask the driver to take a blood-alcohol test, which typically comes in the form of a breath test or a blood test. Depending on the results of these tests, the driver could be arrested and charged with a DUI.

The Washington State Patrol recently pulled over a suspected drunk driver in Bellevue. At the time of the stop, authorities were traveling in a 36-foot motorhome that was equipped with emergency lights. According to reports, the lieutenant driving the motorhome witnessed the person driving erratically around 3 a.m.

Considering the consequences of a breath test refusal

When drivers in Washington State are pulled over by a police officer, they often think about what they will say to the officer when they approach their vehicle. If police suspect that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, the police will usually ask the driver to submit to field sobriety tests and a breath test or blood test. If a driver refuses to take a test, they should be aware of the potential consequences they might face because of that refusal.

Drivers in Washington State are not often aware that they have given implied consent for officers to take a blood or breath test if they are arrested for a DUI. The law states that once the driver is lawfully arrested by an officer that has probable cause, the suspected drunk driver has consented to a breath test or a chemical test of their blood in order to establish their blood alcohol content.

Suspected drunk driver investigated for DUI after crash

There are many dangers present on the roadway, so it is common for law enforcement officers to work toward decreasing these dangers and risks. When an officer pulls over a driver for a traffic violation, they might issue a citation to the driver. Following a crash, if authorities believe the driver was under the influence, they will likely investigate for DUI. The suspected drunk driver could endure serious penalties, so it is important the driver understands the allegations against them and the facts surrounding the arrest.

Following a recent crash, authorities arrested a 27-year-old man in Renton. Washington State Police believe that the driver was under the influence at the time of the crash that occurred on Issaquah Road. According to preliminary reports, officers believe the drunk driving accident happened when the suspected drunk driver was traveling east. Allegedly, the vehicle suddenly veered, causing the car to cross the centerline and collide head-on with another vehicle that was heading west on the roadway.

Appeal emphasizes the details of a warrant for blood test in DUI

When a Vancouver driver is pulled over in a traffic stop or being questioned after an accident, they should understand their rights during the process. This often means understanding what evidence could possibly be used against them in the event of their arrest. If an officer suspects that a driver was driving under the influence, the driver might be asked to submit to some tests. Depending on the result of these tests and whether they were properly conducted, a driver could face a DUI.

A recent Washington State appeals case made it clear that authorities in the state need to obtain a warrant before a blood sample is obtained from a suspected drunk driver. Furthermore, the warrant must indicate that the sample will be used to test for the presence of alcohol.

Suspected drunk driver arrested after rampage in Seattle

Whether it is a random stop at a checkpoint, a stop based on the suspicion of a traffic violation or at the scene of an accident, drivers in Washington State could face charges following a stop. Following an accident, officers seek to understand the cause, fault and liabilities. If an officer suspects that the driver is intoxicated, they might ask the driver to submit to some tests. Depending on the situation and the results of the tests, a driver could be placed under arrest and charged with a DUI.

Authorities in Seattle recently arrested a suspected drunk driver following a DUI accident. Police officers believe that the man went on a rampage through downtown Seattle after he stole a vehicle. It was reported by witnesses that the man began driving the wrong-way, which resulted in a head-on collision.

Driver faces DUI after accident with suspended license

When a driver has a record of traffic infractions, they could face serious penalties if they are suspected of committing another traffic violation. Furthermore, if they are accused of a DUI, their record could be used to lessen or increase the consequences associated with this offense. No matter the situation, a driver should be aware of their defense options in order to reduce the impact the incident has on their personal and professional life such as a driver's license suspension or even jail time.

Following a semi-truck accident in Discovery Bay, Washington State authorities arrested the driver of the vehicle that collided with the truck. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred on U.S. 101 when the driver was traveling southbound and crossed the centerline. This resulted in the driver colliding with a tractor-trailer heading northbound.

Man faces drunk driving charges after accident injures five

Following an accident, authorities typically investigate to understand the cause. This is especially true when the accident results in injuries or even death. Upon locating a suspect for the incident, police officers will begin to question and possibly administer tests to help establish cause. A field sobriety test and blood alcohol test are frequently used to determine whether alcohol was a contributing factor. If officers presume that it is, the suspected drunk driver could be placed under arrest and could face serious consequences for this allegation.

The Washington State Patrol recently arrested a man following a suspected drunk driving accident that injured five. The accident took place on Highway 2 just after midnight. According to reports, the collision involved two vehicles and happened when a 24-year-old driver failed to stop at a stop sign on Fertile Valley Road at Highway 2. This resulted in the car striking a pickup truck traveling south on Highway 2.

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