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If you are convicted of drunk driving, the consequences in your personal and professional life can be severe. You can lose your license, pay large fines, experience inflated insurance premiums and spend time in jail, and your family and career can suffer. Vancouver field sobriety tests attorney, Jeff Staples, understands this.

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Field sobriety tests are used by police officers and other law enforcement personnel at traffic stops. While most people think of field sobriety tests in terms of walking a line or saying the alphabet backward after being pulled over, an officer will in fact base his or her assumptions about a driver based on many factors, including observed driving behavior, responses to questions, and perceptions about the driver's appearance and the smell of his or her breath.

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If you were charged with drunk driving after a traffic stop, Jeff Staples can provide advice and defense representation. He has helped many drivers reduce or eliminate DUI charges.

Jeff Staples is a Vancouver attorney who understands field sobriety tests and all other aspects of DUI law. He knows how field sobriety tests are administered, and how test results and observations are used by law enforcement and prosecutors. As a former prosecutor, he knows how to challenge subjective evidence and fight for his clients' rights.

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If you are facing a DUI charge in Washington, defense lawyer Jeff Staples can provide the legal advice you need. He offers a free initial consultation regarding all DUI/DWI matters, including cases in Clark County Superior Court, Clark County District Court, Vancouver Municipal Court, Camas and Washougal Municipal Court, and Battle Ground Municipal Court.

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