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Most drivers know that the most common basis for a DUI charge is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than .08 percent. In most cases, BAC is initially determined with the use of a Breathalyzer test. In other cases, a driver's guilt is assumed if he or she refuses a Breathalyzer test or if he or she is perceived to be refusing a test.

Breathalyzer test evidence, collected during traffic stops, is used by law enforcement and prosecutors to arrest, charge and convict drivers suspected of DUI. A DUI/DWI conviction can bring significant fines, greatly increased insurance premiums, license suspension or revocation, and time in jail. A Breathalyzer test refusal ups the ante further, subjecting an accused driver to even higher fines, more jail time and a longer license suspension.

A Breathalyzer Defense Attorney For Clark County, Washington

Vancouver, Washington, defense lawyer Jeff Staples provides affordable representation to clients in DUI cases of all kinds. A former Clark County prosecutor, he is committed to protecting the rights and interests of his clients in important criminal and traffic matters.

Having handled countless DUI cases, Jeff Staples knows how and when to challenge Breathalyzer evidence, which can be flawed in a number of ways despite being widely thought of as authoritative and scientific. He can also defend you against Breathalyzer refusal charges, utilizing his knowledge of the law and the facts of your case. You may be able to benefit from legal counsel if:

  • Your BAC reading was above .08 percent.
  • You refused the test.
  • Your case involves "false refusal" — if an officer said you refused when in fact you did not.
  • Your license was revoked.
  • You are facing mandatory minimum penalties for multiple DUIs.

Every DUI case is different. Seek appropriate legal advice regarding your case.

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