Vancouver Drug Charge Lawyer

Drug charges are taken seriously by prosecutors in Washington, particularly when they allege the intent to deliver or distribute a controlled substance, or they involve a significant amount of a drug. If you are facing drug charges that could lead to time in jail or other serious consequences, an experienced defense attorney can help.

Unafraid To Fight For Your Rights

Defense lawyer and former prosecutor Jeff Staples can answer your questions, prepare you for hearings and develop a defense strategy with the greatest possible chance of success. He has tried dozens of criminal cases to jury verdicts and is unafraid to fight for his clients' rights; he is also skilled at negotiating plea agreements when they are in his clients' best interests.

Illegal Search And Seizure Defense

Jeff Staples can help you address:

  • Marijuana charges, including possession and possession with intent to deliver
  • Manufacturing charges involving meth and other drugs
  • Prescription drug charges
  • Illegal search and seizure issues, which bear upon many drug cases
  • The possibility of sentencing enhancements that can include 24 months of mandatory jail time for certain offenses
  • Juvenile drug offenses

Marijuana Defense Attorney For Clark County: Free Consultation

If you are facing charges in Washington, Vancouver drug charge attorney Jeff Staples can represent you. He offers a free initial consultation regarding all criminal matters. Jeff Staples handles cases in Clark County Superior Court, Clark County District Court, Vancouver Municipal Court, Camas and Washougal Municipal Court, and Battle Ground Municipal Court.

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