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People facing criminal charges are all too aware that they may spend time in jail if they are convicted. In addition to the possibility of jail time, however, a conviction can carry many other potentially serious consequences that can impact the rest of a person's life.

Providing Clear Explanations Of The Consequences

When you come to Jeff Staples, Attorney at Law, you will work with a knowledgeable Vancouver criminal law attorney who will provide you with clear explanations and options for the charges you are facing, the legal process you are about to enter and the potential penalties if you are convicted — including consequences that go beyond fines and jail time.

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Representation For A Wide Range Of Misdemeanor And Felony Charges

Clients throughout Clark County and Southwest Washington look to Jeff Staples, Attorney at Law, for this caring approach to criminal defense for a wide range of criminal charges. Jeff can provide a strong defense against nearly all misdemeanors and felonies, including:

When Jeff defends you against criminal charges, he will explain to you both the specific penalties that you may face and the broader consequences. The specific consequences for a conviction will depend on the charge, the facts of your case and whether you have previous offenses. Some convictions can affect your right to vote, your ability to own a firearm and your driver's license.

Together you will build a strategy for defense around your individual needs and goals. Although you will find Jeff to be approachable and understanding with you, you can rest assured that he will aggressively protect your rights and pursue the best outcome he can for your case.

As a former prosecutor, Jeff understands how the state approaches criminal defense cases and how to find the strengths and weaknesses of a case. This helps him advise you on decisions regarding your case and gives him a greater ability to negotiate for you.

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Criminal charges often happen during financially difficult times of our lives. With this in mind, Jeff Staples strives to maintain reasonable fees for his clients. He offers free initial consultations, and he accepts credit cards.

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