Marijuana Legalization

As marijuana has become legal in states, the crime rates drop and studies support this finding.
Crime rates lower after pot legalization but stiff drug penalties remain

New Impaired Driving Law

In an effort to prevent secondary DUI/DWI offenses, a new law provides that police can automatically place someone under arrest if he or she has been convicted of a previous DWI offense within the past 10 years. The penalties for a secondary offense are now more severe as well.
New law cracks down on DUI suspects in Washington

Minor in Possession

These laws apply to minors ages 13 to 20 who are found to be in possession of drugs or alcohol.
Washington State's minor in possession laws

More Legal Trouble for Colton Harris-Moore the "Barefoot Bandit"

Stemming from his crime spree that ended in 2010, a local prosecutor has rejected the plea arrangement that Harris-Moore made with state and federal authorities and is bringing new charges against the 21 year old.
"Barefoot Bandit" faces new charges after two-year crime spree

People Choose to Drink and Drive in Washington

When people choose to drink and drive in Washington, they run the risk of getting pulled over and charged with a DUI. Law enforcement officers use hand-held breath test devices to determine whether a motorist is intoxicated.
Are breath test devices reliable?